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  As Singers, Musicians and Entertainers, Sheri & Bill share

  a mix of Folk. Classic Soft Rock, and their original Folk Pop    tunes of life and love.  Sheri & Bill provide an engaging

  live performance for both intimate and large events.

Sheri Bill Singing sitting stage Lilburn

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As recording artists, Sheri & Bill continue to inspire fans around the world. Their harmonies and

lyrical original songs of life and love all share a distinct "Sheri & Bill" Folk Pop sound and flavor, reflecting their

love of Folk and Classic Soft Rock.


"Love Will Never Die" from their fall 2019 'Connections' album charted at #1 spot on Feb 2020

"Music Review -Top 40 Independent Country Songs", and placed in Top 40 for four months in a row.

And "Favorite Memory" and "Wanderin' Kind" from their newest 2022 album "Moments" 

both made the Top 40 chart as well.


Sheri & Bill continue to record new original songs, and all their music is available worldwide

for download and streaming.   

New Sheri & Bill album "MOMENTS"---available for CD purchase, download and streaming!  Listen below or click here this link to listen on 

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