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Host Your Own House Concert!

Sheri & Bill House Concerts


A Sheri & Bill house concert is a wonderful opportunity for you to host and share an “up close and personal” live music event with your friends right in the safety of your own living room or back yard under the stars.  

As a donation based private event (by invitation only), you decide who attends-- assuring you of a fun, secure, and safe event.  And it's a great way to support live music and the arts!  


Along with performing their original songs of life and love, Sheri & Bill will also share behind-the-scenes stories of their song or album creation processes.

Sheri Bill Mic black Background Final WE

Sheri & Bill will mingle with Host/Hostess and invited guests before and after the House Concert performance…after all, the entire event is all about personally connecting!

What are you waiting for? Contact Sheri & Bill now for more information or to schedule your own House Concert! 

Email”  or

Telephone:  678-672-7310.

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