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A Shower for Lincoln and More

We love it when special events in life come our way that allow us to help create moments through our music! We hosted a small baby shower for our granddaughter Sam, her new husband David, and soon to arrive Lincoln Grant Gonzales! We spread a bit of blue color around the room, added some tasty treats, and lowered the lights to set the stage for the special songs and videos we had lined up for everyone’s enjoyment.

Attendees were few, (darn Covid 19!) but we had personally selected original songs for some attendees--we call these “close to home” originals: inspired by or written for family members.

“Colors Of Our Love” was up first: we debuted this song for and at Sam and David’s wedding ceremony last fall, and it just seemed appropriate to recreate those happy feelings, as they are preparing for yet another special event in their lives!. “Then you came in my view, a thousand colors swirled by me, so many colors of our love I now can see.”

Next up was “If Stars Were Notes (Micah’s Song)”…ok, we confess: this song was actually written for another family member, Lincoln’s first cousin, Micah,who just made his presence known a few short weeks ago. But the special joy expressed in this song, of watching your child grow up, is shared by all parents. We will be releasing this song on our upcoming album 'Moments'. “…you can grow and learn to love the world outside your door.”

“Favorite Memory” was inspired by a story our son shared with us last year from his teenage years. This song has already proven itself to be a hit wherever we perform it and will be on our upcoming album 'Moments'! “Everybody needs a favorite memory, special place they like to go; moments come alive filled with friends and dreams….”

We ended with “Come Away”, written when our son met a new special girlfriend (who is now his wife and has been our daughter-in-law for the past 10 years);...they stood facing their options and trying to decide whether or not to take a chance on their love. “Let’s take a chance and believe, let’s take a chance and believe!”. We will finally be recording lthis one next year!

(Click here to enjoy a sampling of these 4 original songs we performed!)

We duet, Better As We Go! Sheri & Bill

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