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It's A New Day!

Today is a new day, and we are ready! Gigs are coming in, and this month we also started recording our next album "Moments”, folk-pop songs, with just an occasional twist of country.

Last year like so many musicians, our 2020 music plans were totally squashed. Yikes! We went from thirty-five gigs ahead of us before January even ended, to total cancellation just a few weeks later. Recording plans were also postponed until 2021. What a mess!

So very happy that gigging has now returned---we treasure each opportunity to perform live. It’s so good to see smiling faces in front of us—music is the best way to connect with folks!

This week we were at Root Cellar Music Studio with Owner and Producer Rob Kuhlman, and world class drummer and percussionist Jerry Fields, laying out the drums tracks and percussion for the first 3 songs of the album.

“Moments”, like everyday life, reflects a full rollercoaster of emotions…eight new original songs that tell stories of experiences that grab our attention: a happy memory, birth of a new child, the realization that we, some things or some people just need to be changed or rearranged.

We plan is to release one new song per month from the “Moments” album starting this Fall, then maybe have an album release party in the Spring. It will be fun!

Our goal with each album we record is to make it better than the last—we think we will succeed! Stay tuned!

Sheri & Bill

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