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Just Released--New “Sheri & Bill” Song!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner, the best time to celebrate parents...and no coincidence, it's the perfect time for us to release our newest song “If Stars Were Notes (Micah’s Song)”.

“If Stars Were Notes (Micah’s Song)” expresses the universal pride, hope and poignant love a parent feel for his/her child. This is such a special song that Sheri wrote in 2020, inspired by seeing someone we know well (whom we watched grow into a mature young man over the years), about to experience becoming a father himself with the birth of his son Micah.

“Close your eyes, my little man, I know you must be tired.

Dream away oh dream away of all that you desire.

When you wake up so many things together we’ll explore.

You can grow and learn to love the world outside your door….”

Click here (or on image) to watch our song video now:

And check out the “real” Micah, the inspiration for this song! He’s almost 2, cute as bug. And, just as the song says, his parents are his biggest fan!

“If Stars Were Notes (Micah’s Song)” is our final pre-release from our upcoming album “Moments.” We will reveal eight new songs that bring rhythm and harmony into everyday, heart touching life experiences, songs that touch your soul. Five songs are written by Sheri, one written by Rob Kuhlman (Producer, and Owner Root Cellar Music Studio), and two songs Sheri and Rob co-wrote together.

Album Update: After working on our “Moments” album these past 9 months with Rob Kuhlman at Root Cellar Music Studio, we have just one special guest artist left to perform this month. Then we leave it in Rob’s capable hands to complete his final mixing and mastering magic...and we’re done! We are so appreciative for all the talented artists on our “Moments Team” who are helping to make this our best album ever.

We can’t wait to reveal “Moments” to you this summer…stay tuned!

We duet, better as we go! Sheri & Bill

p.s. If you haven’t already, please check out the other two pre-releases from our upcoming “Moments” album, and subscribe to our channel!

Click here to watch "Favorite Memory” Video or on image below

Click here to watch "Wanderin’ Kind” Video or on image below:

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