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Moments Within Moments

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

The best part about performing live is connecting with the audience and experiencing special "Moments Within Moments"--those times when we share a musical moment, and members of the audience give us a personal moment in return.

Which brings us to our most recent moment which occurred yesterday at our first gig of the new year. At the end of our show, a lady in the back of the audience beckoned us over to where she was seated. She proceeded to show us a pencil sketch she drew of us while we were performing, told us how much she enjoyed our show. Turns out she is award-winning local artist, Rosemary Dodd (she is also the widow of the late Ed Dodd, famous American cartoonist known for his “Mark Trail” cartoon strip.)

Rosemary was seated in the back row during the show, and she told us she had not been not able to see the entire keyboard to sketch it correctly. But the sketch she signed and gave to us is awesome! (And even better, Rosemary told us next time we come, she will definitely be seated on the front row.)

We have art on the wall given to us by one our fans from our 2019 "Connections" album release/singer-songwriter show, Christmas decorations for holiday shows, selfies of us and the crowd because they are a fun way to capture the moment, and of course a host of wonderful memories of past moments shared. “Moments within Moments”...priceless!

At one venue, an adorable lady of indeterminate age positioned herself directly in front of the keyboard before we started. As we performed, her face lit up as she proceeded to "conduct" rhythmically to our every sound. Turns out she previously was a conductor at the New York Philharmonic…we are happy she found our music smile-worthy!

During holiday gigging a couple years ago, we were partially through performing “Silent Night,” when a gentleman from the audience unexpectedly stood up and asked if he could join us…what transpired then was his beautiful singing rendition of Silent Night in German while we accompanied him...great moment!

This past holiday season, we entertained at an assisted living venue where the average age was eighty-five. We gave everyone jingle bells and asked them to accompany us with their bells while we worked our way through favorite traditional and holiday tunes. The audience happily complied and successfully played their bells for the entire hour, non-stop in perfect rhythm…we will remember that performance!

Our first “Moments within Moments” of 2022--we are off to a good start!

Sheri & Bill

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