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New Sheri & Bill "Moments" Album Release Sept 2nd!!

(Sheri & Bill at Root Cellar Music Studio, with Owner/Producer Rob Kuhlman and Laura Kuhlman)

This Friday, September 2, we release our much-anticipated album “Moments”!

If you haven't watched our Promo Video yet highlighting each of the 8 songs, please click below:

Beginning Friday, "Moments" will be available on all download and streaming sites, plus the CD will be for sale on-line at Amazon...if you have trouble locating a CD on line, just email us and we will make it happen!

When you purchase our CD:

  • · You get to enjoy Bill’s creative, photographic skills (he does an amazing job with all our photos and album artwork!).

  • · You can read a brief story of each song,

  • · You get a bonus insert showing all the members of our Creative Team

  • · We donate 25% of all CD sales to our local food pantries.


"Moments" Creation

A year ago we began our "Moments" journey with Rob Kuhlman, Producer and Owner of Root Cellar Music Studio. Together we selected eight new songs (five from Sheri, two that Sheri and Rob co-wrote, and one that Rob wrote that we fell in love with)---eight new songs that best tell the "Moments" story.

Next step, we assembled a fantastic team of talented artists to help create "Moments". Over the past 12 months, each team member supplied a healthy dose of heart and soul to help us create what we believe is our best album ever, to touch your heart and soul.



Yes, We Have Song Videos!

Earlier this year we did three song pre-releases from "Moments" album, so you can already enjoy those videos on our Sheri & Bill Youtube Channel.

Next Friday we will release the song video for "Free", and over the next 2 months we will release the other four song videos for "Holdin' On", "Wreck Of A Heart" , "If Only" and "Dreamer's Waltz". If you subscribe to our Sheri & Bill Youtube Channel, you will be notified of the new videos as they are released.

(f you didn't have a chance to listen yet, below are the first three song videos from the 'Moments' album that we released earlier this spring:.



So, How Is Our Music Doing?

With our own worldwide on-line distribution of CDs, downloads and streaming--and getting on several Spotify playlists--we continue to share our recorded music with the world.

Canadian American Records assists us in promoting our recorded music for radio air play worldwide. Our three song pre-releases from "Moments" album earlier this year have charted on the "Music Review Top 40 Chart" each month (this chart is compiled by 100+ local radio stations across the country that are less than 50,000 Watt stations), so we are pleased these three songs are getting radio air play.

And when we perform our new "Moments" songs live, the feedback is very positive! At the end of a show earlier this week, one attendee said "I love 'Favorite Memory'--it feels so solid, like I have known the song my whole life."


Your Feedback, Please!

We truly appreciate you, our music fans and friends, and we are both excited and anxious to hear what you think about our new album.

Please leave comments on our website, on our YouTube Channel, also "like" our songs on your favorite streaming site, and email us your comments--we really love (and need!) your feedback!

Thanks for taking this musical journey with always, Stay tuned!

Sheri & Bill

P.S. Please share our music with your friends!

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