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"Love Will Never Die" Charts at #1..featuring Marty Rifkin !

Updated: May 23, 2020

Canadian-American Records, who also distributes and promotes our music for radio air play around the world, notified us that our song "Love Will Never Die" charted four months in a row on  "The Top 40 Independent Country Songs Chart"  January through April 2020, with highest ranking in February reaching the #1 spot!

If you haven't heard this song, please check it out. We are honored to feature world renown pedal steel guitarist Marty Rifkin, (he performs with Bruce Springsteen!)  

Click here to watch “Love Will Never Die” video!

On a different note, “Think I Could Fall” started its promotion with Canadian-American Records on February 26th.  In the first 30 days, it was playing in almost every state plus 23 countries around the world, so we’re hoping it will do just as well!

Click here to watch “Think I Could Fall” video.

We know there is so much new music out there, which is why we are doubly appreciative when we receive recognition for our “Sheri & Bill" offering to the music industry!  Success in connecting with others through our music is what motivates and keeps us creating more music…so, thank you!

And speaking of connecting, with the Covid-19 epidemic requiring us all to practice social distancing, and live performances are canceled--we already miss everyone! We are enjoying the creative efforts we continue to see on social media, as folks connect remotely and encourage one another to remain positive while we adapt to this more restricted type lifestyle. We hope in a few months we will be greeting some of you in person again--even if it means sharing elbow bumps instead of hugs!

A shout out to all the thousands of medical and emergency workers who are working tirelessly, as well as the governmental and scientific communities who are focused on finding a way through this crisis! 

We want to leave you with “The Ballad of Gerald & Joe”, our own personal "adapting to change" song. This song is inspired by a true story, a chance meeting we had with a truck driver in a parking lot a couple years ago, who had definitely learned the art of adapting! Click here to watch “Ballad Of Gerald & Joe” video 

Please stay healthy and positive – we hope to see you all soon!

We duet....better as we go! Sheri & Bill

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