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Word on the Street

Linda M.

Your love songs bring me to tears and your harmonies are wonderful!

Frank C.

You two are wonderful emcees as well as extremely talented singers and musicians!

Dottie K.

Sheri & Bill, your show was delightful and featured such beautiful music! Your voices blend beautifully and you handle your instruments with professional ease...we were totally enchanted!

Pat A.

Your instrumental music for my daughter's wedding was so beautiful, and the music selection you two performed at the reception was just perfect!

Joey Welz, Canadian-American Records

Your music is very good! And your CD graphics rival those of any major label release!

Bill M.

Your voice is beautiful and you guys are so talented....really enjoyed the show!

Azucena M.

We enjoyed your show!  You two are amazing!

Mary W.

You two are amazing!  I bought 2 of your CD's!

John M.

Sheri you are an amazing songwriter...we had such a good time at your show!

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